Activists in China Work to Save Dogs Destined for Slaughter

To the chagrin of my boyfriend, I listen to National Public Radio.  Sometimes (well, most of the time), topics come up that I must talk to someone about.  This particular topic is WisePaws relevant.  This is an article referencing China’s act of using dogs for their meat and activists who are trying to stop this practice.  Here is the url to the article that the topic was about (sorry! more reading).  Unfortunately you must read the article to get the full effect of the rest of this article.

Dog rescued before slaughter.

I’ll wait. :)

Okay.  Now that you’re all caught up, what was your first thought?  Outrage?  Horror?  Nausea?

Mine wasn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a terrifying concept for me to look at my little doggies and think of someone looking at them and seeing a chicken.  Yum?

My mind went down the road of how different this culture is from China’s with something as small as how they treat  their pets — animals.  The ideas that I have about my dogs and keeping them indoors and spending a lot of money on their care/nutrition/enrichment comes from my upbringing and learned behaviors and culture.  To think that had I been born in China, things would be completely different for me is a concept that is intriguing to think about.  Some of those pictures in the article are pretty horrifying.  However, the one that is further down where the activists are surrounding the transport of the dogs looks shockingly like a truck over here hauling chickens.  I feel bad for those chickens, but it’s nothing like the pang I feel when I look at all of those dogs squished in those little cages.

Can you imagine staging a protest or paying a lot of money to release chickens?  Some people fight for their more humane treatment, but is anyone -not- wanting them to be eaten?  How foreign is it for those in China who look at the American media and how we’ve basically instituted pets into our lives as people?  Are -they- horrified by what they see?

Or do they think we are silly?  Indulgent?  What would you do if you went to China and encountered a dog who was being groomed for a meal?  Would you try to stop it?  Or would you accept it as an unchangeable part of their culture?  I honestly don’t know what I would do (minus if it was a boxer – I’m a little unreasonable sometimes).

Anyway, I just wanted this to generate a little thought, maybe some discussion.  It was an interesting article for me to read but not for the reasons I thought it would be.


2 thoughts on “Activists in China Work to Save Dogs Destined for Slaughter

  1. While it seems fair and unbiased to be able to attribute this shocking custom to a difference in cultures, there is a big difference in slaughtering domesticated animals versus cows, chickens etc. I agree with the groups that are trying to intervene on this, and hope they continue to do so until it no longer happens. Good story!

  2. How is there a big difference? :) I doubt those dogs they are using are as domesticated as Murcie/Enzo. For me the overall point was, it would be nicer to treat all animals (domesticated or for food production) with some sort of respect.

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