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This is my review for a popular dog magazine called Modern Dog.  I discovered this magazine several months ago and was super-excited to find it.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to find it since it has been out for many years.  It is a quarterly magazine and it not only features a variety of articles, but it’s also nice and thick giving the impression of getting the value for your money.

Summer 2012

 Rating Average: 2.8/4 paws

This is a great magazine if you want to read a lot of interesting articles.  The only downfall are the number of ads.  On their website Modern Dog you can subscribe, enter your pet in a photo contest and get previews of their content among other things.  You can also order back issues of magazines.  It seems like they put a lot of effort into making this a creative, fun and interesting magazine.  They have a facebook page  and you can follow them on Twitter @ModernDogMag.  Every Friday they have giveaways :), overall, worth the money!

The Pictures

Rating: 3.5/4 paws

Their pictures are relevant and plentiful.  They are adequate for the articles and/or products they are recommending.  They aren’t in overabundance and they don’t distract from the message.  The only downfall is that they lack creativity.  This isn’t a terrible quality for a magazine as comprehensive as this one.  I come away with the thought that they are ‘efficient.’  Overall, it is more of an observation than a yearning.

The Articles

Rating: 4/4 paws

This is a magazine bursting with information.  All of it I found relevant in some way, shape or form.  I love the interviews that they do with various celebrities (the snippets from unexpected people are delightful) and they have many helpful tips.  This reminds me of human-equivalent magazines that seem to feature a little bit of everything (product reviews, informational pieces, inspirational pieces, how-to, advice columns, etc).  Overall, I found their information accurate.  Occasionally, they slide something in there like a raw-food treat that you have to be mindful for but like any source, don’t take it as the absolute truth.  Minus this, you will come away knowing more than you did going in, which is important for me.


  Rating: 1/4 paws

I almost hate to give it this rating because it will bring down the overall rating to an unfair level.  There are a lot of ads in this magazine.  There seem to be no real theme and they choke the magazine to a point that you just sigh when you turn the page and see another one.  The thing I dislike most about these types of ads is that they aren’t discriminatory about the types of ads they have.  Intellectually, I understand that for a magazine, ads bring in a lot of money.  But the types of ads you promote says something about your magazine.  They don’t do this magazine any favors.


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