Feline Feeding Frenzy – Controlling Disease Through Diet

Fat Cat
Fat Cat


I recently read an interesting article today about a woman who struggles with feeding her cats separate diets because one has special needs.  Basically, the article outlined a woman who has two cats, one that was recently diagnosed with Diabetes.  Her veterinarian recommended a diet change to help control the disease (Go Vet!) and she is working hard to feed one kitty this new diet and not change too much for her second kitty.

The notable things about this article that stood out for me was that despite her struggles (both cats were on a free choice diet – which means that their food wasn’t regulated before), she is chugging on.  Not only that, but the diet is helping to control the disease, which is wonderful and gratifying.  I left a comment applauding her for this mindset and the success she has had.  Changing something in your life to help improve the life of your pet is a true testament to the golden hearts that pet owners can have.

It isn’t always easy, which is part of the heartache of a pet who has an illness.  So often, we go along in our lives with pets as an accessory.  It isn’t until they suffer some sort of ailment or injury that brings them smack into the middle of our daily schedules in a way that few can sympathize with.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t looking down on those of us with healthy (or relatively healthy) pets who consider those pets a large part of our daily life.  For anyone who owns a pet that has a long term illness or even a daily medication (thyroid disease, heart conditions, dietary indiscretion, etc) there is a distinct difference between this and caring for a healthy pet.

To wrap this whole thing up, for those of you who do have a pet who requires a special level of care, I salute you!  Keep up the good work and know that what you are doing is making difference in not only your pet’s quality of life (something like Diabetes is no laughing matter), but also their longevity.


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