Dog Breeding: Out of Control

No one is going to be surprised by this title.  It is a well-known fact that anyone  involved in the animal community already knows.  Dog breeding is out of control.  This is apparent by the crop of “designer breeds” out there.  Yes, I’m talking about you ‘Malitpoo,’ or how about the ‘Goldendoodle.’  Unfortunately, I could go on and on with a list of breeds that are at best, mutts.  It’s really a sad story.  I can see exactly how it must of have happened.  A backyard breeder has a certain breed of dog.  For sake of examples, let’s say a Maltese.  This Maltese happens to get out of the yard and traipse over to the neighbor’s yard.  She gets knocked up by the studly poodle and voila!, you have yourself a new “breed.”  This breeder is in a conundrum.  They don’t want to spay the dog, since she is their top breeder.  So, they decide to let the dog have the puppies.  The puppies come and they are cute, just like puppies are.  These breeders have a great idea.  They are going to sell the puppies.  Now, all they need is a cute-catchy name.  Maltipoo!  Some uneducated person strolls up, wanting a ‘pure-bred’ dog and they pay for and get handed a mutt.  It isn’t bad enough that puppy mills exist, now breeders can pair together any old set of dogs and call it a breed.  Definitely out of control.

Basschshund - Cross between a Basset Hound and a Dachshund.  Image from: Dog Breed Info Center

Basschshund – Cross between a Basset Hound and a Dachshund. Image from: Dog Breed Info Center

I won’t even comment on the appalling nature of this picture.  The website that I attained this picture from is ridiculous.  It has a list of every breed mix that you can imagine along with a link to breeders and information about the breeds.

Aside from designer breeds, I got off on a bit of a rant.  There was a comment made to me recently regarding German Shepards.  It was that the police rarely obtain their dogs from the US anymore because there aren’t any good stocks.  The dogs we have here are mostly for show and all of the working traits have been bred out of them.  Interested, I looked around and found this information on how police dogs are obtained.  This is an awesome article that details a lot of what they look for in these working dogs.

Image from: Vancouver Police Dog Squad Website

Image from: Vancouver Police Dog Squad Website


It just makes me sad.  The whole thing.  If people understood that to be a good breeder, you aren’t going to make money, they might not do it.  Don’t believe me?  Breeding is a complicated venture.  Not only do you need to keep careful track of your blood lines to prevent breeding two dogs that are too closely related, you’ve also got to make sure all dogs in your care are completely evaluated by a veterinarian to ensure that they are good breeding stock.  This means that if they have some sort of defect, whether it be physical or personality – then you don’t breed them.  Period.  Which means you essentially have a dog that you are spending money on but can never hope to recoup anything from.  Evaluations aren’t one and done.  They are at least annual and perhaps more if it is a female who becomes pregnant.  Plus, any breeding dogs need quality care that includes preventative measures (heartworm/flea, fecal checks) as per their risk assessment.  A high quality diet is also a must. The puppies all need evaluations with vaccines and deworming if you are going to be keeping them later than 6 weeks.  Cheating and going to a feed store doesn’t count.  Raising puppies is a full-time job if you are going to start house-breaking and socializing them (which is the responsible thing to do).  This is all hinging on the fact that everything goes smoothly with the birthing process and your female doesn’t need something as drastic as a C-section.  See what I mean?  Not worth it if you are in it to make money – which most people are.

I won’t get another dog that isn’t a rescue.  Unfortunately, there will be plenty of people breeding dogs to keep the rescue pool nice and cushy.  I was just disappointed to find out that police dogs can’t even come from the US anymore because dog breeding has gotten so out of control.

6 thoughts on “Dog Breeding: Out of Control

  1. I never really understood why people would want to pay 600 bucks for a mutt that they could get from the pound lol. I don’t know for sure, but breeding two dogs together that both have back problems doesn’t sound very smart. I think a lot of the problem doesn’t necessarily just come from designer dog breeders, but people who want their dogs to have babies because they think they will look cute. It happens quite a bit. And then, they do think they can sell them for money.

  2. I agree. And I almost put something down about the irony of breeding two dogs with such similar problems together, but I didn’t. I don’t know what’s worse, that they are being bred, or that people are seeking them out.

  3. Some of the smartest, best tempered dogs are from the local animal shelters.

  4. I agree!

  5. Wanda Hickerson says:

    I wish there were a way to keep dog breeding for profit much more closely monitored, but sadly, there is not. One aspect of it that bothers me is that, often breeders are not overly concerned with what kind of homes these dogs are going to, as long as the respective owners fork over the cash, they are deemed good enough. All too often, the type kind of person who buys a $600 “designer pup” is the same type of person who is looking for a trophy dog, something to brag to friends about, who will get tired of the responsibility of a pet and move on to the next fad a few months down the road. While that sounds like a harsh generalization, it is something Ive seen for myself countless times.

    • They recently passed a law that regulates (to some degree) the level of veterinary care breeders with over 20 dogs need to have. The downside to this is that 20 is a big number. In Dallas there were a few breeders who released a lot of their dogs because of this law. I don’t know why it’s so hard to be responsible.

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