Jackson Galaxy – A New World of Cat Behavior?

I want to go over 5 reasons to love Jackson Galaxy.  Don’t know who Jackson Galaxy is?  I don’t blame you.  I consider myself “in” the animal “scene” and I only discovered him a handful of months ago when I encountered his show ‘My Cat From Hell.’  If you see him once, you won’t ever forget him.


He is the opposite of what anyone would think your typical male cat-advocate would look like.  The most striking thing about him is probably his beard.  Jet black, he keeps it groomed into a sharp point with interesting side-burns that aren’t quiet connected to everything else.  The next thing that would be logical for you to be drawn to is the shine coming off of his bald head.  That wasn’t what was immediately obvious to me.  His kind eyes are only accentuated by his stylish, modern glasses.  Maybe the beard was to off-set the fact that you can tell by looking at him that he has a soft-spot.  His style is always distinctive and amusing.  Tattoos on both of his arms are pretty predictable at this point.  Overall, the look -works- for him.  Not really sure why.  Maybe it’s the guitar case that hides all of his cat finery.  Either way, his appearance is as amusing as his approach to cat behavioral problems is logical.

5 Reasons to Love Jackson Galaxy

5. Appearance: I’m not cheating!  Just because I detailed this one above doesn’t mean it doesn’t get added to the list.  I figure that if you are going to tackle some of the stigma’s surrounding cat behavior, you’ve got to look the part.

4. Boyscout: If you’ve watch his show before, you know that he always comes prepared to handle the situations he’s faced with.  Whether this is providing tools for pet owners to document their progress (accountability and follow-up are key to making changes!) or he gives a little kid his very own mini-case o’ Cat Mojo, he always seems to be prepared.

Guitar Case o' Cat Mojo

Guitar Case o’ Cat Mojo

3. Community-Focused: After doing a little digging around to find out more about him, I came across something that always hits home with me.  I love giving back to the pet community however I can.  One of Jackson’s interests is to go to animal shelters to help staff understand cat behavior better.  He is a big advocate in wanting to help people understand cat behavior better so that less cats are surrendered to animal shelters.  I can always agree with that!  His website is also littered with tons of cat behavior information.  I love people who are so dedicated to the field that they actively try to help the lay person understand.

2. Knowledgeable: Granted, I haven’t done as much research on cats as I have on dogs, I’m ashamed to admit.  After watching just one show, I could tell that he knew his stuff and had put a lot of time into the research aspect of cat behavior.  Everything he says just makes so much sense that you wonder why no one has preached about it before.  Create a platform beside the door, high up, so that kitty can look out when you open the door instead of trying to bolt? You don’t say!  Brilliant!  I learn something new every show.  From a cat’s preferences on how their “space” is set up to any number of ideas of enrichment, most tips given on the show are directly applicable in a number of scenarios.  I’m dying to read his book.  Cat Daddy?  How perfect is that?

found on deviantart by BMWBoss

found on deviantart by BMWBoss

1. Cat-Lover: As much as this sounds derogatory, it is the exact opposite.  Anyone who gets choked up when he sees cats in an impossible situation with owners that just don’t know any better is top on my list.  Being in the day to day grind of client education can make me appreciate someone who has dedicated his life to bettering the image of the cat.  They are such a popular pet and yet most owners don’t know how to properly care for them.

Advocating for the cat is a tough road.  Anyone who wants to learn more about cat behavior or be just plain entertained should check out his show. My Cat From Hell.  My hat goes off to Jackson Galaxy for trying to make the world a better place, one cat at a time.


When kitty's happy, everyone's happy.

When kitty’s happy, everyone’s happy.

2 thoughts on “Jackson Galaxy – A New World of Cat Behavior?

  1. I’ve seen his show a couple of times. I just don’t think there are tons of cat behaviorists out there. At least not like with dogs. He does have some pretty great ideas though!

    • There really aren’t! It’s sad too, because your average cat owner doesn’t know near enough about the proper way to care for them. He’s a character!

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