Spoiling Your Pet


Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, what better way to spend it than spoiling your pets.  Who needs fancy chocolates, vibrant roses or sappy cards when you have a pair of big brown eyes looking up at you.

Homemade Toys

dog couch

There are tons of websites out there that show you how to turn everyday items into homemade toys. The only kicker with a lot of these is that they aren’t really made for longevity and I would make sure you didn’t leave your dog alone with these toys just in case they aren’t as hardy as you imagined them.

Cats are even easier because all they usually need is something to stimulate their hunter instincts. The most important thing is that you’re interacting with them.  It’s no fun to play by yourself.

Fresh Treats

Even though there are tons of homemade treat recipes for your pet out there, I’m going to do you one easier.  There are some simple ingredients that you buy that make good, healthy treats all on their own.  Sweet potatoes cut into slices, fully cooked, unseasoned chicken breast and baby carrots all make great individual treats.  Steaming the carrots can make them more palatable (make sure they are cool enough before feeding!), and baking the sweet potato on a cookie sheet until tender can do the same.

Cats can be even more simple. Pop open a can of tuna (no additives and in water, not oil) or salmon (same as the tuna) for an instant treat.  Popping it into the microwave for 10-15 seconds can make it even more appetizing.

Spoiling your pet was never so easy!

*If your pet is on a specific veterinarian-approved diet, do not introduce treats without their consent.  Most pets tolerate the above mentioned treats, but like people, pets can be just as individual.


Hopefully your Valentine’s Day will be full of sunshine and mild weather.  I’ll be asking for pictures of happy V-Day pets on Saturday.  There’s nothing more gratifying than a happy, tongue-lolling doggy.

Cats can be tricky, but using feather-wand toys or laser light pointers can encourage exercise.

from curiousamerica.com

from curiousamerica.com


If your dog doesn’t hate baths you can make them even more enjoyable with a few handy tips.  For dogs that don’t have previous skin irritations (tepid water is best for them), warm the water a degree or two more than tepid.  Fancy shampoos and colognes don’t really appeal to our pets, so something mild and oatmeal based is best.  I love hylyt shampoo.  It’s soap-free and hypoallergenic.  Take time to massage the shampoo into the coat and enjoy the contact with your pooch.  I even let the tub fill up to cover their paws to give them a soak.  It’s amazing what kind of nasties hide in those little folds and crannies.

Cats are a bit more unique (coughcoughdifficultcoughcough). :)  For those than enjoy it, a leisurely brush-out can be a productive type of pampering.


Any way that you slice it, putting your pets first isn’t ever a bad idea.  Lets change the way we see Valentine’s Day!  Weird chubby-winged-baby, who?  Want to share your pet pampering ideas?  Tag your ideas to #petpampering on Saturday, I’ll RT the best ones!


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