Dog Parks – Tom Bass Park

Entrance Sign

Entrance Sign

Just as important as dog park etiquette  is the dog park itself.  It can be difficult to know until you take the effort to load the dogs up and pay them a visit, what a dog park is going to be like.  Join me on my journey of discovering Houston’s dog parks to help make your decision easier.

Location: 3452 Fellows Rd, Houston, TX 77047 Tom Bass Park is located in Pearland, Texas.  It is a little difficult to get to if you don’t know the area.  The main entrance is located off of the access road of Beltway 8, just east of Hwy 288.  Pearland has Tom Bass Park that is located off of Cullen (an exit off of Beltway 8, a few miles East of Hwy 288).  The two parks only connect by a foot path. Here is a map layout of the park.

Entrance: Responsible dog parks are going to have an entrance pictured below.  This is a double-gated system with an entrance and exit.  The double-gating is important to decrease the chances of dog escape.

Double-gated entrance/exit

Double-gated entrance/exit

Amenities: Adequate parking, shade trees (though it could use more of these), benches, paved walking path, waste disposal stations (80% kept stocked with bags), agility equipment, dog/person fountain, small dog section, dog bathing station

Small Dog Park

Small dog park

Inside Inside2 Inside3

Safety: There are many things that a dog park can control to ensure a safe environment.

Escape – Double-gated entrances and separate entrance/exits are excellent ways to decrease escape.  The fence along the park is in good repair.  Each time I go, I check it.  With such a large park, fence maintenance is a must.

Equipment – I’m interested to see where my dog park review journey takes me.  Right now, there’s not a lot of equipment that I deem necessary in a dog park.  This one has agility equipment that seems like an accident waiting to happen.  Agility equipment requires training.  This is left out to the elements.  Luckily, the times I’ve been there, most people and dogs leave it alone.


  • The grounds are kept well-maintained and mowed.  The trash is taken out regularly enough and people clean up after their pets regularly.
  • When it rains, be prepared for a wet dog.  The park gets swampy and it is impossible to keep them clear of the puddles.  Otherwise, there is no separate area for dogs to swim.
  • This is a large park – large dog area: 4.1 acres, small dog area – 1.9 acres.
  • Nice walking grounds around the dog park itself.
Outside the entrance.

Outside the entrance.


The dog park is just beyond the line of cars. Nice surrounding area.

The dog park is just beyond the line of cars. Nice surrounding area.



I would recommend this dog park to anyone.

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