I am convinced that this dog is a special creature all of his own making.  He is sweet, even-tempered, and friendly but with just enough quirks to make him his own special brand of perfect.

When we “rescued”  him from the puppy store, there was nothing specifically outstanding about him.  He was tiny with that vague look that puppies have when they haven’t come into their own yet.  He had a dull hair-coat and he seemed a little withdrawn.  While it said he was a boxer, he did not have that picturesque look that you find on boxer puppy calendars.  I was completely smitten with him anyway.

The day we brought him home.


It took him a while to lose that serious look that he has in this picture.  The very next day, when I took him in for his checkup at work we found that he had hookworms and bordetella (kennel cough).  The next several weeks were punctuated with his poor hacking cough.  Eventually though, he came out of his shell.  Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy helped his coat shine and put some necessary weight on him.

When he was smaller, he would antagonize Murcie to chase him, then dart away, run around the couch and do a baseball slide underneath the bed where he would proceed to poke his nose out and play “licky-faces” with her just out of reach.  Now, I don’t know if you noticed.  It’s not really something we talk about, but …we don’t think he’s a full-blooded boxer.  Shhh!  I know!  It’s unspeakable to think that a puppy store would sell you anything that you pay for and have papers for that isn’t full-blooded.  We like to say that he’s got a 100% boxer heart.  In all reality, the only thing that looks anything but boxer is his head.  His muzzle is a little long.  For the most part he still has the crazy boxer personality.

The differences between him and Murcie are many.  He is literally the perfect dog for her.  Where she can be temperamental and needy, he is subtle and independent.  For the longest time, he would only sleep at the end of the bed where Murcie would be firmly wedged at your side.  He never takes her temper tantrums seriously and can always goad her into a session of tug ‘o war.  Where she finds it fun to run away from you when you play fetch, he obediently trots back to you with the ball in his mouth.  Likewise, he loves socializing with other dogs.  He is my go-to man when I need a dog companion for a pet-related event.  The best thing about him is that he still holds onto that stoic nature that you see in the serious puppy above.  All except for his nub.  That little ticking stunted appendage holds the secrets to what he’s really feeling.  The rest of his body can be completely still, but if you give him your undivided attention, it betrays his internal excitement at what the moment has to offer.

After a hard-core play session.

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