Maserati came to us through the Houston Boxer Rescue.  The day that we decided to go meet him, we piled Enzo into the back of my Prius and set out to the foster’s house.  We had varying degrees of anxiety.  This was our first real exposure to an actual adoption situation.  I was worried (for good reason) that I would fall in love with the dog even if he wasn’t a good fit for our home.  It would be too easy, right?  How could someone look at that sweet face, knowing they needed a home and decide anything but yes?

Upon first introductions, we immediately took the entire troop outside into their backyard.  Immediately, it was easy to see the standard boxer personality.  This boy was crazy.  A peek at his teeth told me that he was young.  Around a year was my guess, and he acted like it.  The RVT in me was evaluating his temperament and his overall body condition, even as my heart was beating along to every wiggle of his little butt.

He was thin, but that wasn’t anything unexpected.  He had some hairloss – we knew that he had been previously diagnosed with Demodex (a mite), but that about it on the medical side (as far as I could tell).  He liked jumping up, but knew how to sit, so it was easy to encourage him down and then reward him with the love that he wanted.  He liked rolling over on his back so that you could rub his belly.  He also enjoyed munching on the leash that I brought with me for Enzo.

Enzo, for the most part was more interested in investigating the backyard than he was making friends.  Although they did have some great tug of war sessions.  My biggest concern was making sure they got along well.  I wasn’t so worried about Enzo (he hasn’t met a dog that he didn’t like – even the ones that were mean to him) – I was more interested in the new dog being nice and friendly with Enzo.  Masi (formerly Clarence, was).

It wasn’t a hard decision.  We took him home on the spot.

Masi on the ride home from his foster.

Masi on the ride home from his foster.

Please see Dog Rescue – A Personal Point of View for a reflection on how the first few weeks are going.

It’s a little bit humorous how quickly one forgets things.  For the last year and a half, we’ve been dealing with Enzo who is terribly predictable, mild and “safe,” for lack of a better word.  Masi, is everything you would expect from an almost puppy.  He plays with reckless abandon that I think Enzo partly loves and partly finds annoying.  He sleeps like he’s never going to wake up, feed firmly in the air and belly exposed to the sky.  He demands attention in the way that dogs do when they haven’t been shown any manners, pawing you anywhere that you will let him (chest, neck, face, legs – anything to get your attention).  He’s also melt your heart sweet.  He comes up to you and puts his little head on your lap, leg, hand and just stands there, waiting for your attention and love.  Even though he’s crazy energetic, he still has pretty good manners.  He walks like a dream on the leash, not pulling an inch and he is learning fast that he gets more love sitting than he does jumping up.


Even though we’re completely smitten with him, we’re not sure if he loves us yet (LOL).  Dogs seem to trust so quickly – but I can still see a little bit of question (here’s me anthropomorphizing him) in his eyes about what our intentions are going to end up being.  I’ ll be so relieved when I don’t see that anymore!

Handsome boy - my lunch date.

Handsome boy – my lunch date.

Right now, we’re taking it a day at a time.  Working with him on the fact that even though he loves his kennel and his housebroken otherwise, he potties in it if we’re gone too long.  We’ve found (much to my annoyance) – that he likes to chew on house shoes.  Even though he enjoys laying on his back, he doesn’t love me training him to ‘Lay Down.’  He is also a big snuggle bunny and has the softest muzzle you’ve ever smooched in your entire life (sorry Enzo!).

I’ll keep you updated on his progress!  We think he’s going to fit in just fine. :)




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