Training for Behavioral Problems Pt. 1

Starter Kit

I’ve always had a love for dog training and dog behavior (despite the lack of training my own dogs have, lol).  I’ve done so much research on different problems and can usually council on a variety of behavioral topics.  My specialty is dogs but I’m widening my repertoire to include cats and eventually more exotic pets.  I […]

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Behavioral Problems – Tricky, Tricky

Blue and Gold Macaw

There are many behavioral problems that our pets can suffer from.  These can be something as simple (only in comparison to others) as separation anxiety in a dog, inappropriate urination in a cat, or as complex as feather picking in a bird.  Most behavioral problems can be tricky for the simple reason that there isn’t […]

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Friends for All, Friend for Life


October is National Adopt-a-Dog Month as declared by the ASPCA.  I’m going to broaden that to Adopt-a-Pet Month and feature this article for all of the wonderful rescue organizations around Houston that do so much good by taking in stray, abandoned or abused animals and finding homes for them.  I’ve often found that pets who […]

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Pet Shopping – Pt. 1

Siberian Husky

The point of this article is to aid someone before they have decided to adopt a pet.  Ideally, it is best for those that don’t yet know what species of pet they wish to acquire, only that they desire a companion.  Shopping for a pet can (and should be) extensive.  Research should go into any […]

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Online Pharmacies – Fact or Fiction?


I am biased on the subject of Online Pharmacies.  I admit it.  However, I did want to try to approach this subject with a little bit of objectivity in order to bring out the truth of the situation. Online pharmacies are now over-running the internet with their specials on pet medication that is “just like […]

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Personal Story Part II

Those first few days at his new home were a blur.  He learned many things. 1. That he was to hate baths for the rest of his life. 2. Food taste better at homes. 3. That just because someone looks just like a giant brown version of you, it doesn’t mean she’s nice. For the […]

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Feline Friendly

Pick One?

This article is one that is long overdue.  Our Feline Friends often get overlooked as a smaller version of their canine counterparts.  This just isn’t so.  Cat care goes way beyond an endless supply of food and a clean litter box.  I’ll go into detail below and hopefully it will serve to change your mind […]

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The Microchip – Helping Lost Pets

About the size of a grain of rice.

Since June is National Microchipping Month, I thought a little blog with details about the microchip would be a pretty good idea.  Microchips are a wonderful invention that help out hundreds of thousands of lost pets every year. About the size of a grain of rice. First, the specifics.  A microchip is a small (about […]

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