Dog Bath-Time

bath-frown (2)

I’ve bathed hundreds of dogs in my life.  This includes not only those from my clinic, but also routine bathing of my own dogs.  From the lips of others, I’ve heard a variety of tales about this mythical event referenced as dog bath-time.  Most are stories of horror about wet dogs trampling through the house […]

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Boarding Your Pet

dog vacation

Boarding your pet – joy, stress, excitement, dread…everything all rolled into one.  I’ve seen a lot of questions recently that arise from people who have certain expectations when they board their pet.  These expectations, when unfulfilled create a less than desired experience.  I believe most of these misconceptions happen because it is difficult to think of […]

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Holiday Stresses

dog stress

If there’s one thing that I noticed when browsing through pages, it’s that there is a lot of information on what to make sure your pet -doesn’t- get into during the holidays.  Chocolate, tinsel (who uses -that- anymore?!), poinsettias, and the list goes on and on.  Don’t get me wrong, these lists are important.  There’s just […]

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Dog Rescue – A Personal Point of View


Large, dark and hopeful eyes watched me.  I couldn’t move without that gaze following my every step.  He is sweet to the point of making you feel claustrophobic, which is a challenge to correct because any voice louder than normal talking sets about submissive urination.  I want to let you in on what kind of […]

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Dog Park Etiquette


I have to admit that until recently I wasn’t well-versed in the dog park language.  I knew it existed, knew the common words but wasn’t fluent.  To a lot of people, a dog park seems like a pretty self-explanatory world.  A place you take your dog to play with other dogs.  Simple, right? As usual […]

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Training for Behavioral Problems Pt. 2

"Woah" command

Since the last post I’ve been using a multi-modal approach in training Murcie.  At home, I’ve had to start implementing some guidelines for the household.  One of our problems was that she didn’t have any boundaries.  If she wanted something, I got it.  If she wanted to sit on top of me, she sat on top of […]

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Training for Behavioral Problems Pt. 1

Starter Kit

I’ve always had a love for dog training and dog behavior (despite the lack of training my own dogs have, lol).  I’ve done so much research on different problems and can usually council on a variety of behavioral topics.  My specialty is dogs but I’m widening my repertoire to include cats and eventually more exotic pets.  I […]

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