Murcie’s Final Journey

Happy Murcie after her walk.

I want to tell you a little bit about her personality, so you can understand her better.  Murcie was filled with a vitality that bounced out of every step she took.  She was too smart for her own good and always aware of everything going on around her.  Perhaps, the epitome of what a boxer […]

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Winning the War Against Dental Disease


Dental disease is often a complex problem.  Many pets don’t show initial signs when they are suffering from any assortment of dental abnormalities.  It is now common knowledge that dental disease can cause serious problems in the major organs for pets that are affected.  Just like in people, preventative care goes a long way in […]

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Behavioral Problems – Tricky, Tricky

Blue and Gold Macaw

There are many behavioral problems that our pets can suffer from.  These can be something as simple (only in comparison to others) as separation anxiety in a dog, inappropriate urination in a cat, or as complex as feather picking in a bird.  Most behavioral problems can be tricky for the simple reason that there isn’t […]

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Pet Shopping – Pt. 1

Siberian Husky

The point of this article is to aid someone before they have decided to adopt a pet.  Ideally, it is best for those that don’t yet know what species of pet they wish to acquire, only that they desire a companion.  Shopping for a pet can (and should be) extensive.  Research should go into any […]

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Online Pharmacies – Fact or Fiction?


I am biased on the subject of Online Pharmacies.  I admit it.  However, I did want to try to approach this subject with a little bit of objectivity in order to bring out the truth of the situation. Online pharmacies are now over-running the internet with their specials on pet medication that is “just like […]

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Feline Friendly

Pick One?

This article is one that is long overdue.  Our Feline Friends often get overlooked as a smaller version of their canine counterparts.  This just isn’t so.  Cat care goes way beyond an endless supply of food and a clean litter box.  I’ll go into detail below and hopefully it will serve to change your mind […]

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The Microchip – Helping Lost Pets

About the size of a grain of rice.

Since June is National Microchipping Month, I thought a little blog with details about the microchip would be a pretty good idea.  Microchips are a wonderful invention that help out hundreds of thousands of lost pets every year. About the size of a grain of rice. First, the specifics.  A microchip is a small (about […]

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Tasty Treat Tips

Happy Murcie

I’m always looking for good treat tips. For me, one of the most fun things to do is to give my dogs a treat.  They both sit down in anticipation of a tasty delight, eyes locked onto my every move.  Enzo even starts executing every trick in his little head that he knows.  So, I […]

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Parvovirus – Prevention is Key

Adeno-Associated virus

Parvo.  For some of you, this word will be depressing, while others are blissfully clueless.  Wherever you are in this spectrum, if you are looking to get a puppy, this message is important. This Spring, I have seen more Parvo than I can remember.  For a family who has just acquired a new member of […]

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