Responsibility Bites

dog shelter

Linked ahead is the horrific news story (with pictures) of the news story about a guy in New Charleston arrested on animal cruelty charges.  He is charged with duct taping a dog’s muzzle closed.  I almost can’t look at the picture.  It seems like lately I’ve been more hyper aware of abandoned, abused and mistreated […]

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Dog Rescue – A Personal Point of View


Large, dark and hopeful eyes watched me.  I couldn’t move without that gaze following my every step.  He is sweet to the point of making you feel claustrophobic, which is a challenge to correct because any voice louder than normal talking sets about submissive urination.  I want to let you in on what kind of […]

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Bomb Sniffing Dogs


I recently read an article put out by on bomb sniffing dogs.  Holy cow was it an interesting read!  It detailed what they had to go through for training and what was expected of them.  I always view service dogs of any kind with a type of reverence.  Even though these dogs have no […]

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Rabbits – Not the Easter Bunny


I’m a little late for this one, but I didn’t want to wait until next April to talk about Rabbit care and how Easter (I love the holiday as much as the next person) does all of our cute, cuddly, critters a disservice.  I’ve also seen rabbits at fairs or carnivals to be won like […]

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The Business of Death

Personalized Pet Urn

Creepy title, right?  The business of death is all at once descriptive and intriguing.  At least for me.  While channel surfing I ran across a commercial for this type of of a television special they had coming on.  This isn’t the exact one.  I couldn’t remember the name of it.  Essentially, it highlighted all of those people […]

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Dog Breeding: Out of Control

Image from: Vancouver Police Dog Squad Website

No one is going to be surprised by this title.  It is a well-known fact that anyone  involved in the animal community already knows.  Dog breeding is out of control.  This is apparent by the crop of “designer breeds” out there.  Yes, I’m talking about you ‘Malitpoo,’ or how about the ‘Goldendoodle.’  Unfortunately, I could […]

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Friends for All, Friend for Life


October is National Adopt-a-Dog Month as declared by the ASPCA.  I’m going to broaden that to Adopt-a-Pet Month and feature this article for all of the wonderful rescue organizations around Houston that do so much good by taking in stray, abandoned or abused animals and finding homes for them.  I’ve often found that pets who […]

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