Dog Parks – Kitty Hollow Park

Entrance sign.

I always get a little excited when I plan a trip to a dog park with the boys.  Doing something on a weekend morning is a frequent enough occurrence that Enzo is excited any morning that we sleep in.  He wakes up instantly energized (okay, this isn’t atypical for him) and I can barely get […]

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Spoiling Your Pet


Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, what better way to spend it than spoiling your pets.  Who needs fancy chocolates, vibrant roses or sappy cards when you have a pair of big brown eyes looking up at you. Homemade Toys There are tons of websites out there that show you how to turn […]

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Summer Heat Tips

The beach can still be fun, and safe.

I try to stay away from topics that have been written about over and over.  Especially if there are those out there who sing a good song.  Summer heat tips are so very important, for any species, that I felt compelled to add my own voice to the mix.  I live in Texas, so when […]

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